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What is generic Viagra?

Sex a word that is termed as controversial and taboo when you hear it in public. You are bound to feel uncomfortable when you hear the word in front of your parents. But the word brings smile on your face when you are alone with your partner in your bedroom. If somebody asks you what you say when you talk about sex? Harder penetrations, mature ejaculation are the things that come to your mind. Women love these things. But few people are potent enough to provide their partner with good sexual happiness. Because as you grow old your sexual strength decreases. Your body starts to fill with all sexual diseases. In previous days there was no medicine to treat sexual diseases. People relied on the herbs and trees to get treated. But sexual desires are such you can even get aroused at the age of 70. So the solution to satisfy your partner is found. Erectile dysfunction industry has become advanced.
Viagra should not be used if you are having these diseases:
It is applicable that you should not use Viagra if you are using a drug of nitrate. That can cause a serious fall in your blood pressure. So visit a doctor to find whether it is safe to have Viagra for you.

  • Suffering from a liver or kidney disease.
  • Ulcer
  • If your penis has deformed shape.
  • High or low blood pressure.
  • Had a heart stroke or heart failure.
  • Bleeding problems.
  • If you are unable to have sex because of your health.

The name of the famous medicine that can help you is generic Viagra. The medicine is sold online. You can buy it online without prescription. Sexual disease is common these days. You will be able to find that your neighbor could have a sexual disorder. If you are not having a good sex everyday your mood changes and this leads to frustration. Viagra is product that can keep your penetration for a longer period. Made of sildenafil. The generic Viagra can keep your penis erected for a period of 4 to 6 hours. Stops the premature erection and helps you to perform in bed. The medicine is a member of PDE 5 inhibitors group of medicines. It helps you by relaxing the muscles and starts the continuous blood flow in the penis area which removes the barriers that comes in your way.
Generic Viagra consists of sildenafil. Sildenafil is a medicine that acts as a PDE inhibitor. It stops the growth of the PDE enzymes. The enzyme is responsible to stop or lessen the blood flow in the penis area. And until your penis region is not having a proper blood flow without any restriction you will not get a harder erection. And if you are unable to get a harder erection you will not be able to satisfy your partner. The generic Viagra gets absorbed in your blood flow. It is much advanced than the traditional Viagra. It starts working within 30 minutes. So it is essential to consume the Viagra 1 hour before you have sex for good results.
In USA you cannot buy a Viagra without prescription. The medicine helps to increase the blood the flow and that gives you an erection. The medicine will not have a same effect on every person. Like a 70 year old person erection will not be hard as 30 year. But the medicine will help to get rid of the sexual disorder irrespective of age.
Many Viagra has been made in India and it has become popular over the world among the people. Brand that have become popular are kamgra, caverta, silagra, vigora and filagra. You can buy Viagra of these brands online.
Using sildenafil is not allowed in USA. Companies like teva pharmaceuticals and activis are selling Viagra are made of sildenafil in many different countries. Buying generic Viagra from an online Indian pharmacy is easy. You just need to have a prescription.
Available in different sizes:
Generic Viagra is available in the market in different shapes like 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. 25 mg are prescribed to people who have suffering from a mild erection problem. 50 mg are prescribed to people who have little more erection problem and the last one 100 mg for people who are suffering from a severe erection problem. The doctor will prescribe you to consume 25 mg pills. The dosage of the medicine will be increased based on the need of the patient. This will bring in best results for the patients. But taking the medicine according to the prescribed dose is necessary. You can consume the medicine after having your meal or before your meal. But it should be kept in mind consuming the medicine in an empty stomach is necessary. To experience the maximize
It is necessary to take precautions before you are consuming the drug. Y  Because until and unless you know about the product. The ingredients present in the product it is not useful.
You should always visit the doctor before using generic Viagra. Because they will be able to tell you what the product is all about. They will also tell you whether the Viagra is useful for you or not.

  • People who have diseases related to lungs, liver and heart should not use this medicine.
  • You should always consume 1 pill a day. Using more than 1 pill can be harmful.
  • Doing mental actions while having the product can be dangerous.
  • The medicine should not be used if you are having nitrate medicines.
  • Consuming alcohol while you are taking this medicine is dangerous.
  • You should not consume this product if you have a high or low blood pressure.
  • Should not be consumed if you are suffering from eye problem.

The question arises that is it safe to buy Viagra online. Today people are suffering from different kinds of diseases. Medicines have become advanced. And there are many medicines which are expensive and many people cannot afford the medicines. So people try to find pharmacy shops where they can get medicines at a cheaper price. Generic Viagra is a product that is expensive. It is hard to buy for the people who have sex multiple times a week.
So buying Viagra online is a safe option. There are many online pharmacy shops. That offers you discounts, discount coupons are available. You can get the Viagra is a very cheap rate. You can save some amount money buying the product online. The pharmacies in UK are becoming online. Because these days with the use of internet people love to buy everything online. You can sit and relax at your home. And the product will be delivered at your home.
These days’ people are busy with their work. So they don’t have the time to visit the local store and buy a medicine. They prefer buying online. They believe in online shopping because the online stores are mostly trusted. It also saves your time. India has become one of the largest producers of generic Viagra As well as the largest exporter. Because they fall under the production right of different manufacturers. There are many pharmacy companies than makes Viagra. So buying it online with attractive deals and discounts can be effective.

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Mission Statement

When you are buying Viagra online it is necessary to know the brand that is best. There are different trusted online pharmacy stores. Walgreens, euro clinic and access are pharmacies that sell Viagra. And buying Viagra from these places can be good. You should always compare the rates of the Viagra’s when you are buying online. By comparing the rates you will be able to know whether you are buying from a fake or a trusted site.
The question arises bound to come in your mind that which Viagra is best and more effective. Whether the generic Viagra or the brand Viagra. Viagra has become advanced. The manufacturer has made Viagra available ion tablets. Consumption of these tablets will allow the Viagra to flow in your blood stream.
The price of the brand viagra is very expensive. It is not affordable to people who have sex more than two times a week. On the other hand the generic Viagra is very cheap and affordable to people who have low income.
When a medicine company makes a medicine no other company is allowed to make the same medicine for that period of time. After that period of time is allowed for the other company to make the medicine and sell in the market available in various different names. The original company made a brand Viagra. While the medicines that are sold with different names are generic Viagra.
The branded viagra is produced but the us company named pzifer inc. while there are viagras that are sold with different names in the market made up of the same ingredients. Called  generic viagra an it is cheap.
The brand viagra are sold and marketed with a specific trade name by the group of pharmacies. On the other hand the generic Viagra is sold under different trade names. They are sold and popular worldwide. They don’t have very high invests. This makes them cheap.
Generic Viagra are made up of sildenafil. Sildenafil is used to make the brand Viagra. So both the Viagra’s have same ingredients. They both have the same effect. The generic Viagra also follows certain international rules and regulations. And they are approved by FDA, WHO SND GMP. What makes the generic viagra popular is its cheap cost. It looks very different from the brand viagra. But it is not like the generic viagra is not effective as brand viagra because of the low price but that’s not true. Generic viagra may be of low cost but it is very effective.
Just like every other medicine have its advantages, disadvantages and side effects. The genric viagra also has some side effects. If you ignore these side effects than you are inviting trouble.
Suffering from pain in gall bladder.

  • Dizziness.
  • Digestion problem.
  • Pains in bones.
  • Chest pain.

It is recommended to get a doctor checkup before using the product. The generic viagra should not be used regularly. If you are not suffering from the erectile problems you should not consume the viagra. You should always remember that sildenafil has the potential to keep your penis erected for a long period of time. Viagra will not arouse you. You need to get aroused first.
Many people don’t like to visit the doctor. Because sex has always been personal to people. But it is necessary to tell the doctor everything about your disease. From this you will be able to know whether you can use viagra or not. The viagra keeps the penis erected. If the penis stay erected and does not get back to the normal state after 4 hours. Immediate visit to the doctor is necessary.
Before buying the viagra you should always check the customers reviews. The feedback given by the customers who have used the product. Reading the reviews helps you to know about the viagra. Whether it is good and effective. It also helps you to find a licensed online pharmacy site. buying the product from the licensed store is necessary. Because there are many fake stores that sell fake Viagra’s. And buying the fake Viagra’s from a fake store is useless. It can also be poisonous.

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